Naming Ceremonies are a modern alternative to the traditional Christenings or Baptisms and can take place anywhere, whether you choose your home, outdoors or at a special chosen venue.

A naming ceremony is a wonderful way of celebrating the new arrival of a baby, the opportunity to welcome a step or adoptive children into your family or celebrating a change of name.

Naming ceremonies often begin with your story as a family and include elements and detail to make the occasion special and unique.

From the moment you make contact, I can guide you through the process and help you plan your naming ceremony, from exploring the perfect venue to organising appropriate activities which can include your family and guests.

As your celebrant I will create and write your ceremony script with your style in mind.  We can talk about the significance of the event, your family connections and relationships such as siblings, grandparents and cousins.   We can include memorable moments that will bring your naming ceremony to life, especially any funny moments that you have shared together. You can involve your family and friends to make promises and blessings and include God Parents or Guide Parents, with readings, poems, stories and songs.

Whether your naming ceremony is very intimate or a larger event, as your celebrant I will help you make it a perfect, personalised  and memorable day.